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Der Gastro-Guide von PocketMarkt unterstützt Dich dabei, auch in Zeiten des Servicekräftemangels einen Top-Service anzubieten. Die Webapp (ohne Download) nimmt alle Bestellungen für Dich auf, kommuniziert mit deinen Gästen und verschafft Dir immer einen Überblick über alle Vorgänge in deinem Restaurant.

What does the Waiter WebApp do for me?
Unterstütze Deine Service Kräfte
  • Greets the guests and introduces the waiter.*
  • Shows guests the menu.
  • Takes guests' requests.*
  • Shows you what your guest wants before you even get to the table.*
  • Avoids double ways in your team.
  • Gives y

How to set up your waiter

Step 1
Tables & Areas
Create indoor and outdoor areas. Specify how many tables are in which area and assign the corresponding table numbers. Assign areas to your service staff. Determine which services should be displayed to your guests. Print out the QR codes for your tables.
Step 2
Print QR Codes
Your guests can now scan the QR code at the table and, depending on which services you have activated, use your new service. Your guests do not need to download an app or register.
Step 3
Accept table
Your guests can now call a waiter via the QR code on the table. The Waiter App discreetly informs you which table has which request. Your team can now offer excellent service to your guests.

Put the crown on your guest's head. Always keep the sceptre in your hand.
Arrange your demo appointment now.
Waiter call
  • Call waiters discreetly
  • Waiters can accept tables via Telegram
  • No end user registration necessary
  • No download necessary
  • Create tables, print QR codes and off you go
  • Table reservation
  • Online calendar for table reservation
  • Accept table reservation online, by e-mail and by telephone
  • Set number of tables or seats
  • Set fixed time slots, e.g. in 15 minute tacks
  • No download necessary
  • Menu
  • Digital orders at the table
  • Delivery service function
  • Set opening and ordering times
  • Click & Collect functions
  • Optional payment methods

  • Du hast wieder geöffnet und suchst eine zuverlässige Servicekraft? Dann empfehlen wir Dir den Gastro-Guide.

    Your Advantages
    Are you open again and looking for a reliable service person? Then we recommend the Waiter App
    • Your gastronomy is thriving? Are you understaffed at the moment? The Waiter App welcomes your guests and takes their orders. So everyone is served for the time being.
    • The Waiter App shows the team the table overview with
    Advantages for your guests
    With the Waiter App, I always feel noticed as a guest.
    • I can draw attention to myself quite discreetly.
    • I can order more at any time.
    • If I'm in a hurry at lunchtime, I can pay very quickly.
    • I don't have to register or download anything.

    Your added value
    • You win because you can make all your guests happy at the same time.

    • Your guests win because they had an unforgettable experience with you and thank you with a top rating.

    • We win you as a happy customer

    The Waiter App System

    What services are available to your guests?

    The services you offer your guests. The options are: Call service staff, display menu, order drinks, order menu, order dessert, pay cash and pay online.

    What can the Waiter Bot do?

    The Waiter Bot works together with the Telegram app (Messenger). Your guests use it to communicate with your service staff. Your staff receive messages from the guests: e.g. Table 4 would like to order drinks. The service staff in the area with table 4 a

    How can my service staff use the Waiter App to make your service even better?

    Your waiters receive the messages in the Telegram app from the Waiter Bot. For example, they receive the message: Table 4 would like to order drinks. With this information, they are perfectly prepared. They can quickly pick up the drinks menu on the way t

    What about colours, design and logo?

    You can change all the colours, add your logo and add pictures or videos if you like.

    Do my guests have to download apps?

    No. We have made sure that the hurdles for your guests are as low as possible. Simply scan the QR code without registering or logging in and off you go.

    Do I need new hardware?

    Absolutely not! Use what you already have. Whether smartphone, tablet or laptop, even a TV can be used to see the orders! You don't need any additional hardware/devices and save a lot of money.

    Will my guests be shown advertising?

    No! Your guests use the Waiter App without having to look at advertisements.

    Are there any hidden costs?

    We are transparent and fair. That's why we have simple and clear price packages. Only if you want to use the online payment methods, additional fees will arise. You can get the information directly from our partner Micropayment.de.

    Can guests constantly call the service staff again?

    No. Only after the waiter has clicked on -done- in the Waiter Bot, the services for the table are activated again. Until then, the guest cannot call the service again. This means that the service team has everything in its own hands.

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